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Leave Emotions Behind

“Patient Traders at Home” embodies a market strategy of 'Patients' over time while “Leaving Emotions Behind”.   Market data is plentiful,  accessible, and can be deployed to lower trading costs which positively promote ‘Higher’ trading profits.

The “Patient Traders at Home" Trading model is Simple:  Either “Sell for a Profit” or “Buy to Lower your ‘Share Cost’.  Wait ‘Patiently’ for the market to ‘Fluctuate’ until your ‘Profit per Share’ is greater than your original ‘Expected Investment Return’.

The "Patient Traders at Home" trading model analyzes the Current Price and incorporates relevant market data to convey a "Market Guide" to either  "Buy" or "Sell" a resultant quantity.  The model probes values including Share Cost vs Current Price, Projected Rates of Return, Trading Price History, Profitability, and more to calculate the "Final Trade Guide".

The model is scalable with minor constraints.  The "Basic Trading Cycle" covers a "One Year Term" while suggesting only "One" Trade per Day.  "The most important factors for a profitable outcome are "Fluctuation" and "Viability".  "Patient Traders at Home" thrives each day these factors prevail. 

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